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Unethical Tourism: The Ugly Truth about Elephant Riding in Bali

In Activities, Travel Resources by Jenny Cavcic34 Comments

Elephant riding in Bali is an industry that thrives off of uninformed tourists. As a result, it’s a very popular item on Bali’s bucket list. Traveler’s go there to experience colourful Asian culture and to immerse in nature. For many, this means getting close to wild animals. Especially the elephants. And who wouldn’t want to do that? …

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Plan Ahead: 10 Travel Mistakes Not to Make

In Tips and Advice, Travel Resources by Jenny Cavcic49 Comments

Traveling requires planning and preparation, and you’re bound to make some mistakes while doing it. It will lead you to the some of the most difficult experiences that you’ll get from life. Difficult, yet so rewarding. Realistically, you can ever be completely ready when traveling into the unknown. Every trip and destination will teach you a …

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GO-JEK Bali: Taking the Fast Lane

In Adventure Travel, Travel by Jenny Cavcic0 Comments

Stuck in never-ending Bali traffic? Sitting next to live chickens in a Bemo bus? Tired of getting into taxis without taximeters? Never operated a scooter in your life? Getting around Bali can be frustrating, and if you don’t have a plan before you get there you could end up wasting a …

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Connecting with Crowds

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A spectacular view, a sea of tourists and you…right in the middle of it… All you want is for everyone else to disappear and to be left alone with that beautiful lake or mountain that you traveled so far to see. It’s easy to get irritated with all the tourists that …