Connecting with Crowds

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A spectacular view, a sea of tourists and you…right in the middle of it… All you want is for everyone else to disappear and to be left alone with that beautiful lake or mountain that you traveled so far to see.

Lake Louise Crowd

It’s uncommon to see Lake Louise free of tourists. She gets a lot of love.

It’s easy to get irritated with all the tourists that are “ruining” your experience. That place in the amazing photo on your favourite travel blogger’s Instagram page doesn’t look the same anymore. People are taking photos of their families and friends… left, right and center. It’s hard to contemplate life in the midst of the natural beauty when you’re distracted by the people around you.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just can’t avoid the crowds. But if you accept this, it becomes interesting to get stuck in the middle. If you realize that we’re all drawn to the same places for the same reason, you can make a connection. We’re all there to observe the gems of this world and in our own unique ways, capture that moment to make it last us a lifetime. For some it’s observation and for others it’s photography.

This is my way of embracing crowds when I travel. I say, “if you can’t avoid the crowd, connect with it”.

Crowded Bean

Capturing a unique ‘crowd connection’ at The Bean..

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