Travel Blogger - Glam Travel Gram - About Me

Hi! I’m Jenny, a Bosnian-Canadian travel blogger living in Toronto. I’m also a wife, a fashionista and a Marketing & Event Manager.

In 1991, my family immigrated to Canada from a war struck Bosnia. Having to unexpectedly leave our home, we didn’t have the means to travel much.

7 years after the war had ended, I decided to go on my first big trip back home to Bosnia. Trip after trip, summer after summer, I made going to Bosnia a routine. For a while, I got lost in those trips.

My life took a drastic turn during my last years of University. I was living on my own without much money, had a part-time summer job and a lot of alone time to get to know myself. Those were the days when I strongly felt that I wasn’t satisfying my life’s potential.

So in hopes of experiencing change, I began to interest myself in world of travel.

Luckily, unlike many travel bloggers who quit their jobs to travel, my career unexpectedly opened up the world of travel for me. It felt amazing to break free from my surroundings at home. And that bit of travel that I was doing with work actually changed my life. I had been hit with an incurable case of wanderlust. That’s when I decided to make travel a part of my lifestyle.

Why I Travel:

Traveling really opened my eyes. I used it to get to know myself better. Today, it gives me a sense of appreciation for what I have in life and who I am as an individual. Every time I leave my home, I come back to it a different and better version of myself.

Lin Yutang’s quote says it all for me: “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow”. It’s that feeling of leaving a place that I enjoyed for a short time and coming home to a familiar living space, that keeps me yearning for more.

I love that moment when I land on unfamiliar soil and breathe in the sweet air of a new place. I also enjoy observing the natural world, hearing different languages and experiencing different cultures.

Experiencing this, is what makes me who I am today.

But who am I really?
    • I’m a woman with a career and huge aspirations.
    • A wife.
    • A natural-born planner.
    • An extroverted introvert. So really I’m an ambivert.
    • A sucker for sunrises and sunsets.
    • An adventure junkie
    • A nature lover.
    • I have a huge soft spot for animals.
    • I’m a huge foodie.
    • I enjoy cooking
    • I love all things classy and elegant.
    • I’m a shoe-aholic
    • I love photography and art
Why I blog:

I started blogging to share my unique experiences with those that wish to experience the same. Glam TravelGram is for those seeking inspiration to make traveling a lifestyle. I want to show that a modern woman with a career can and should enjoy adventure and traveling.

By blogging, I get to share my passion and love for exploring the world. It give me the ability to tell my stories of experiencing new places, understanding different cultures and learning more about myself while doing so.

I want to inspire women to stop making excuses and avoiding travel because they don’t have the time or are afraid of the unknown. I want to motivate and show them how travel is a necessary part of self-development and a good and healthy life.