About the blogger
The Short Story:

Hi, I’m Jenny! I’m a 30-year-old Bosnian-Canadian travel fanatic, living in Toronto, Canada.
This is the short story of who I am so I’ll spare you the lengthy details!

✧I’m married with no kids.
✧Unless I’m on a business trip, I never travel solo.
✧My husband is my best travel buddy and “Instagram husband”.
✧I’m a fashionista who always travels in style… Even when I’m hiking.
✧I’m an outdoor junkie who like long hikes and rather extreme adventures.
✧In my professional life I’m a Marketing Manager & Event Planner.
✧I have 5+ years in the meetings and events industry in North America.
✧I’m a health and wellness addict and leading a wholesome lifestyle is very important to me.
✧I travel for the sake of self-development, knowledge and spiritual improvement.
✧I’m also just a curious cat that has to explore everything everywhere.
✧My travel philosophy is to always take one piece of knowledge back with me from each place that I visit.
✧I’m a storyteller and I love representing ethical brands and organizations that I believe in. Go to my Contact page to get in touch!

If you’re still interested and you want to know more, check out the long story below!

About the blogger

The Long Story:

In 1991, my family immigrated to Canada from a war struck Bosnia. Having to unexpectedly leave our home, we didn’t have the means to travel much. But as a little girl, I always had visions of traveling the world. Only back then, I had no idea that my visions would one day become my reality.

I spent much of my youth going back home to Bosnia during school breaks. For a while, I got lost in those trips. That little girl who visualized traveling the world, had forgotten what she had always dreamed of doing. My life took a drastic turn during my last years of University.

I was living alone without much money, had a part-time summer job and a lot of alone time to get to know myself. I had felt as if I wasn’t satisfying my life’s potential. Even after graduating and starting my career, I felt unfulfilled. So I set out searching for something a little more exciting and outside of my comfort zone.

Unlike many travel bloggers who quit their jobs to travel, my career opened up the world of travel for me. I quickly realized how amazing it felt to break free of my daily routine. I had been hit with an incurable case of wanderlust. What opened my eyes the most was how different of a person traveling made me feel.

About the blogger

Why I Travel:

Traveling is the reason that I started to get to know myself better. It gave me a sense of appreciation for what I have in life and who I am as an individual. Every time I left my home, I came back to it a different and better version of myself.

Lin Yutang’s quote says it all for me: “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow”. That feeling of leaving a place that I enjoyed for a short period, and coming home to a familiar living space is what keeps me yearning for more.

I love that moment when I land on unfamiliar soil and breathe in the sweet air of a new place. I enjoy observing the natural world, hearing different languages and experiencing different cultures. This make me realize how much this world has to offer and how little I know about it.

Travel Blogger - Glam Travel Gram - About Me

How I travel:

I didn’t quit my job to travel, instead, I use my job as a means for traveling. Sometimes I extend my work trips and explore on my own. Sometimes I choose long weekends to go somewhere closer to home. But at least twice or three times a year, I make it a point to go somewhere far away from home and everything I know.

A few more things you may want to know about me:

✧I’m an natural-born planner
✧I’m an extroverted introvert. so really I’m an ambivert
✧I love all things classy and elegant
✧I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets
✧I’m a nature lover
✧I have a huge soft spot for animals
✧I’m a huge foodie
✧I’m very determined
✧I love photography and art
✧I’m a shoe-aholic
✧I’m a great cook
✧I live for adventures

Why I started blogging on Glam TravelGram:

Glam TravelGram is a platform for the one seeking inspiration to make traveling a lifestyle.

I started this blog to share my passion and love for exploring the world and learning new things. This is my outlet for telling my stories of experiencing new places, understanding different cultures and learning more about myself while doing so.

I blog because I want to inspire people to stop making excuses and avoiding travel because they don’t have the time or are afraid of the unknown. I want to motivate and show others that travel is a necessary part of self-development and a wholesome life.

*All of the photos used in my blog posts are mine.